Headshots with Fab Cuffs and a Very Large DOG!

Last week, I had an assignment with Channing Real Estate for head shots. www.channing-realestate.com     I did a site visit beforehand and decided outside would be best...my husband, legendary R&R photographer Ron Pownall www.rockrollphoto.com  came with me to help set up, hold the umbrella from falling (windy day) and entertain my clients. My Ron is a saint, he loves photography, loves people and luckily me!  We had a blast, as we always do!  I  knew from meeting with Catherine and her great team that it would be a fun shoot, but didn't expect to come away with art!  Thank you all for a successful and fun shoot!


Ken with his Irish Wolfhound puppy, Nanook. He was huge! I wanted him to stand on his hind legs, but they weren't quite strong enough yet...he leap right up into Kens arms!  Such a sweet dog. He's a giant LUCY!  (my little dog).


The day I scouted, Warren showed me the shirt he wanted to wear...LOVE IT!