Have Camera will shoot...with my "Poor Woman's Leica" - Fuji EX-2

I love my Fuji EX-2!!  It’s freed me up to SHOOT.  To shoot for ME.  It’s compact, it’s cool looking, yes, cool looking!  I mean hello, it’s my accessory-it should be cool!  It has a viewfinder, I miss looking through a VF with a travel–about-sized-camera. "I Have My Camera, I Will Shoot!"

Fuji EX 2 Have camera will shoot
Fuji EX 2 Have camera will shoot

One of my first real “images” with my Fuji EX-2 was from a pawn shop in Dalton, GA. I was on assignment but had time to kill before our flight, so we went into the town of Dalton. I’m originally from the south, but woa this was a step back…I’m not used to pawn shops anymore, especially ones that sell guns, they freaked me out...but had my Fuji and thought what the hey, might be my last shot, but I'll go out with a bang! "Would you mind if I took your photograph Mr. Gun Guy?”  Mr, Gun Guy said, “sure sugar”.  See how proud he is, sucking his gut in.

Pawn Shop, Dalton GA
Pawn Shop, Dalton GA

Then in May of 2014 I took my new friend to Morocco. No, no, not the Gun Guy, my Fuji EX-2! I did hip shots through Marrakech and from the hump of a camel!  These images were printed 20 wide and could easily go further!

Merzouga, Morocco
Merzouga, Morocco
Hip Shot
Hip Shot

Then there’s the amateur functions the Fuji EX-2 has, which I have to admit are a lot of fun. The panoramic feature works well (shot from the Top of Dar Sefarrine, Fes). The tilt-shift (doesn’t seem to be very flexible, or I’m not using it right) is a fun feature. The toy camera I can take or leave, just as soon use the real thing, like my tried and true Holga's. I even like the Dynamic Color mode-BUT my favorite is the ability to shoot square.

Camera Series
Camera Series
Fes Morocco
Fes Morocco

As for portraits, well, here a couple-of images.

Oh and music, this camera works great in low-light!!

Veronica Robles
Veronica Robles

I’ll end this advertisement for Fuji by sharing that my husband, Ron Pownall, has the Fuji X100, with the fixed lens. I went back and forth on which one to get. I’m still on the fence but do like the ability to shoot portraits with a portrait focal length.

That’s my story for today, and “I’m sticking to it”, as my friend John would say!  Hope you enjoy!

Headshots with Fab Cuffs and a Very Large DOG!

Last week, I had an assignment with Channing Real Estate for head shots.     I did a site visit beforehand and decided outside would be husband, legendary R&R photographer Ron Pownall  came with me to help set up, hold the umbrella from falling (windy day) and entertain my clients. My Ron is a saint, he loves photography, loves people and luckily me!  We had a blast, as we always do!  I  knew from meeting with Catherine and her great team that it would be a fun shoot, but didn't expect to come away with art!  Thank you all for a successful and fun shoot!


Ken with his Irish Wolfhound puppy, Nanook. He was huge! I wanted him to stand on his hind legs, but they weren't quite strong enough yet...he leap right up into Kens arms!  Such a sweet dog. He's a giant LUCY!  (my little dog).


The day I scouted, Warren showed me the shirt he wanted to wear...LOVE IT!


It's that time of year again...weddings are in FULL swing!

It's that time of year again, Wedding Season!  I couldn't be happier!  I'm excited to start sharing my recent and past weddings with you!  So here we go.  This is Dominique and Dave's wedding at the gorgeous Lord Thompson Manor  in Thompson, CT.  This was a lovely venue, all the way around, the owners Jackie and Andrew, chef Mike and their wonderful staff, all terrific!  Dom and Dave had their rehearsal dinner and wedding celebration at the Manor. She's a cowgirl at heart, as you'll see from the photographs!  Hope you Enjoy!


Lord Thompson Manor, Rehearsal Dinner

Lip Smackin' Good!

And Let the Wedding Begin!


Alex and Martin's Boston Public Library Wedding!

I was very eager to photograph Alex and Martin’s wedding. They are a lovely couple, both inside and out, and, photographically, they knew just what they wanted.  The main ingredient was elegant black and white images. Even though I’m shooting digital now, my background is medium-format B&W.  I was excited to shoot a wedding which called for lots of B&W in such a wonderful setting as the BPL. In keeping with the library theme, Alex carried the Kate Spade Emma-book clutch, and the ring bearer carried a vintage George Washington book. She and Martin met on an elevator, so we added an image of them in the vintage Boston Public Library elevator.

Take a peek at the images.  It was wonderful wedding…how could it not be with beautiful and scrumptious food by The Catered Affair and flowers by Winston Flowers…the list goes on.  And most importantly. the wedding was a smashing success because of Alex and Martin and their families & friends!

List of Vendors following the post.


Dress: Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal

Shoes:  Giuseppe Zanotti Design

Bag: Kate Spade

Make Up:  Sarra

Hair: Trephin Salon Moe Smith

Groom/Groomsmen: Ralph Lauren & ThomasPink

Lighting: DJ Raffi

Band/DJ: Rich Dimare Kiss 108

Violinist: Classical Oasis

Caterer:  The Catered Affair

Venue:  The Boston Public Library

IMAGES FROM TURKEY - April 29-May 14, 2010

Finally, images from Turkey. What an amazing country. It was everything we expected and more. The people were lovely, so kind and gracious. No matter if we were in the city or out in the country it was nothing but kindness and smiles! The landscape of course was equally as lovely. Istanbul, a thriving ancient yet cosmopolitan city, Cappadocia, WOW - I always loved the Flintstones and I got to see where they lived! Seriously though, the history was astounding. We did the much recommended Balloon ride, stayed in a Cave Hotel and had our own Turkish bath! I hope you enjoy looking at the images.